Take Control of Inbound Logistics with Helix

Helix reduces inbound freight costs by up to 30% - while increasing reliability, efficiency and safety. We’ll create a customized program tailored to your business that gives your purchasing team better control and more options.

Information = Agility

Helix uses information to create advanced visibility, optimize freight, proactively manage shipping schedules, and simplifies the process for you and your suppliers. The web-based transportation management system we customize for you gives your company on-line shipment information, management reports and instant, reliable rate quotes.

What We do...

Helix begins by working to understand your business to provide an inbound logistics diagnostic. This diagnostic identifies inefficiencies and quantifies the benefit of shifting the status quo, where each supplier is a stand-alone shipper and each order is an individual shipment, to a managed logistics network. Partnered with RR Donnelley, one of the largest shippers in North America, Helix uses this vast network to optimize routing and reliably execute every day.

Every time your company receives a shipment you incur hidden costs. Your suppliers charge not only for your order but for transportation – typically marked up to cover costs and enhance margins. While this is the way business is done, these inbound shipments act as a thousand tiny drains on your bottom line, costing you money and allowing suppliers to dictate your profits.