Use Helix to Take Out Cost

In tough times, cost is key. Extra costs hidden in your inbound shipments act as a drag on your efficiency and margins. Take control of your inbound freight and keep those profits where they belong – in your business.

Helix Diagnostic

Our diagnostic unbundles product and freight pricing to reveal how much you’re paying for materials and how much for shipping. Once Helix determines where you can save money, simply shift your purchase terms to “collect” freight. Helix does the rest.


We arrange transport and provide a simple invoice with straightforward rates, no hidden costs, fixed fees or complicated gain sharing. Gain control and increase efficiency for less than you’re paying now. Helix pricing is structured to mirror traditional transportation carrier pricing so you can compare what you’re getting and track savings.

How Can This Be Less Expensive?

Helix inbound logistics is less expensive because there are so many hidden costs in the transport of materials, MRO and supplies. Helix attacks the four primary sources of hidden cost (see Hidden Cost Sources to right for details).

In “prepay and add” freight arrangements, suppliers pass on freight charges as invoice line items. Each freight charge varies based on the supplier, origin, destination, product, order volume, etc. You pay but do not control costs or up-charges.
In “delivered” freight arrangements, freight cost is bundled with product price. If you purchase in varying quantities, freight costs vary significantly from order to order. Suppliers typically build in price cushions to hedge against this unpredictability.
Most suppliers lack sufficient scale to purchase transportation effectively, deploy multiple carriers to specific lanes, or monitor carrier performance against contract requirements. Take control of your inbound shipments to avoid paying the price for their inefficiencies.
If you purchase from many suppliers and order frequently to limit inventory, the combination of smaller shipment sizes and frequent deliveries creates complexity and hidden costs. Inbound freight can offset your procurement and inventory savings if not proactively managed.