You’re on Your Way with Helix

With Helix supporting your inbound logistics, you’re ready to roll. We handle the daily operational details to maximize your efficiency, reliability and ease of use:

Three easy options:
  • Call in a pick-up request
  • Email a pick-up request
  • Create the shipment and BOL using Helix’s on-line portal
Helix reviews track/trace data throughout the day to verify pick-ups, in-transit progress and deliveries.
In instances where carrier EDI tracing updates are delayed, Helix contacts the carrier to obtain disposition and update shipment status.
Helix identifies shipment exceptions and determines corrective measures.
We coordinate with the carrier, shipper and consignee to identify and correct problems.
Helix uses software-based decision support for daily optimization.
This enables analysis of the large number of load building and routing options available in order to minimize cost within defined service level boundaries.
Your employees and suppliers have the convenience of a single contact point for all types of inbound, outbound and interplant shipments.
You’ll have phone, email and password-protected web portal communication options.
  • Daily transportation management and oversight
  • Order Validation
  • Provision of special services such as:
    • Warehouse Storage
    • Expedited Shipments
    • Returns
  • On-boarding of new suppliers and facilities
  • Trouble shooting and claims resolution
  • Shipment notification to consignee