Run Leaner and Better

Gain control without drowning in the daily detail required to manage the transport of purchased inputs. Helix gives you control with an inbound logistics program customized to your needs. At the same time reduce costs by leveraging a logistics network that runs $1B in transportation yearly across multiple transportation modes and equipment types.

Minimize Traffic, Minimize Problems

Safety is a priority, but excess, unmanaged traffic flow in your facility can compromise safety. Deliveries controlled by your suppliers can result in too many trucks, delivering when convenient for them, not you, with drivers unfamiliar with your layout.

Helix consolidates shipments and delivers with drivers who know your facilities and safety requirements. The result? Less traffic with deliveries scheduled for your operating efficiency and safety.

Helix marries network efficiencies with your business needs to break cost-service compromises. We shift the status quo in which each supplier is a stand-alone shipper and each order is an individual shipment. We factor in the full scope of origin and destination points, inbound and outbound transportation patterns, and your shipping and service requirements to reveal consolidation, routing and modal opportunities.

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Helix integrates with purchase and shipment order systems to enable advance visibility. Rather than simply receiving a pick-up notification, Helix utilizes advance visibility to optimize scheduling and routing, which in turn unlocks consolidation and mode shift opportunities. This integration can even be extended to your suppliers’ VMI systems.

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Helix’s on-line Transportation Management System gives you the information you need to keep your business fast on its feet and knowledgeable. You get a password-protected web portal that allows you to compare rates and transit times, create shipments, manage locations and items, and access load status, which is updated every 8-30 minutes.

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